DSkate Club

Our aim is a safe return to Roller Skating in whichever form possible within public health guidelines.

We are very keen to bring back skating indoors and outdoors and, after consulting with skaters during the lockdown period, we have received a lot of feedback and all of it was in favour of creating a skate club.

Being a members club helps us to move forward, whilst always following and adhering to the latest government safety guidelines, and enable skating to return indoor and outdoor spaces.

We can still provide skates but please provide your own safety pads and helmet.

Great value at only £2 per year and only £6 for Family membership (2 Adults, 2 Kids)

  • Membership only events

  • Roller skates provided

  • Safety helmet and pads are NOT provided

  • DBS and First Aid certified.

Get in Touch facebook

If you are interested or have any questions please get in touch using the contact form, or via facebook.

Become a member - How to Join

From September 2020 you can become a member of the DSkate Club. Initially, we are taking the first memberships through PayPal.

Single skater yearly membership is £2.50
Family skaters yearly membership is £6 (2 Adults, 2 Kids)

Basically, you pay using this email - DSkateclub@protonmail.com - through PayPal.

Then, please email the same address again after payment to receive your membership number as we cannot seem to email you from within PayPal.

We will then send you a message to your email advising you of your membership number within 48 hrs unless we\'re inundated with requests.

Membership cards

We will be be issuing membership cards but, to keep the cost down, we will hand them out at an event when we see you face to face rather than all the cost of postage, etc.

It is likely the venues will insist you hold one for entry, to comply with government guidelines, but hopefully you might never need to show them. They will need to know who is turning up as events will not be open to the public to turn up on the day. It might also be that you have to purchase tickets from the venue in advance.

With luck none of the prices for the indoor roller discos will need to be revised. We are against that even more so in this time of uncertainty.

Booking tickets for Events

Tickets must be booked / purchased in advance. Events are not open to the public to turn up on the day.

Once an event is confirmed you can then either book / purchase tickets from the venue in advance. Or, again, you can make payments via PayPal to the DSkateclub@protonmail email.

At time of writing, we are still happy for cash, however the correct amount is recommended, as no change can be given.

Public health requirements and number restrictions

Our regular venues all have their own individual merits but, unfortunately, at present only the larger, floor spaced venues will be economical to operate now. We are in discussions with venues to try and get some skating back in your diaries from October in some form, rule changes and lockdowns allowing.

The number of persons allowed in the space will depend on each venue hall size. Staff, marshalls and spectators are all included in this calculation. Some venues have balconies so we will enquire whether these can be utilised for spectating for free.

Wearing a face mask whilst skating is not a good idea as skating can burn up to 600 calories per hour and we don't need people fainting from lack of oxygen. Each venue will have its own guidelines as to the wearing of masks, etc on its premises.

We will advise further as we know more, here and on Facebook.

Music volume will be reduced too (this might please some!) as this is another government requirement. Lighting disco and hall-wise will also apparently have to be brighter rather than dimmer.

Speed skating will also be suspended too.

Skates and safety equipment

Under the current circumstances, we are still providing skates that will only be used once each weekend. They will be cleaned after use.

Please ensure that you wear calf length socks so that your bare skin does not touch the inside of the skates.

We will be unable to provide safety equipment at the moment, as in wrist, elbow and knee pads. This also applies to helmets which we can't provide now too. Bring your own drink, like a sports top water bottle.

Where to buy safety equipment

Skatestation in Brookwood have a good selection. Sports Direct sizes are based on American children. Decathlon sizes are based on European children. Please make sure the wrist guards have a front and back to them.

Next Venue TBC

Date TBC

£TBC Entry. Starts @ TBC.

Book in advance from venue

Roller skates included.

Helmets and safety pads are not included.

Please bring your own cycle helmet and safety pads.

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Become a DSkate Club member

If you are interested and would like to know more please get in touch using the contact form, or via facebook.

Important Notice:

Anyone skating does so at their own risk. Helmets and safety pads should be worn to help protect skaters and avoid injury. DiscoSkate operate with liability insurance cover.