Roller Skating Parties

You hire the hall and we come to you with all the equipment for a great, fun-filled party!

We have a choice of hosts to cover the type of party you require: A 'never tried skates before' or 'Improve existing skills' party. These will depend on the venue and space hired and availability of the host. Please contact us for more information.

How it works:
Hire the hall for 3 hours, the party lasts for 2 hours, with eating in the last half hour. We require half an hour each side of the party to set up and then pack away.

  • Available for up to 20 children/participants. Quotes are based on 20 persons.

  • Parents or organisers are responsible for finding and hiring a hall that needs to be at least one badminton court in size.

  • Roller-skates and safety pads - wrist pads, elbow pads and knee pads all included.

  • You will need to ask for shoe sizes, for the skates on your party invitations and this information will be required by the start of the weekend before your party.

  • We recommend that the children bring their own cycle helmet as already pre-fitted to their head size

  • Roller skating uses 600 calories per hour, so t-shirts and shorts are the best items of clothing to wear for a more enjoyable experience.

  • First Aid is available onsite at every event.

Please note: Party bookings are subject to limited availability. We recommend as much notice as possible on party bookings as we do get booked up quickly.

If you are interested in booking a skate party please get in touch via the contact form.

Skate Parties - How far we travel

We are based near the A3 Hindhead Tunnel.

  • Ideally, we operate within an approximate 30 mile radius of our headquarters.

  • A further charge will be made on the standard party cost if you are outside of our 30 mile radius.

If you are interested in booking a skate party please get in touch via the contact form or facebook.

Important Notice:

Anyone roller skating does so at their own risk.

Safety pads are always offered free of charge to help protect skaters and avoid injury.

Please bring your own protective headgear for protection and safety.

Most sports centres and halls we operate in carry their own liability insurance. Our insurance coverage is limited to floor damage only.

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Roller Skate Equipment Hire

Equipment is available for hire in limited numbers.
For more details please get in touch via the contact form.

Roller Skate Repairs, Refurbs & Accessories

We can breath new life into your old skates - replacing worn parts. Personalise your skates with neon colours for that retro roller disco experience

  • Wheel replacement.

  • Other parts such as rubbers, bearings and stoppers.

For general advice, help and tips on what would be the best type of skate for you send us a message via the contact form.