Roller Discos, Skate Parties and Events across Surrey and Hampshire for ALL ages and abilities.

Family friendly, fun, exciting and great exercise!

  • Indoor Roller Discos and Outdoor Skating events

  • Skate Parties - we can come to you!* Contact us for details

  • Learn to Skate! Skate Lessons and Drop-in Sessions

  • Skate Hire - Quads, Inlines & safety pads available. Repairs & Refurbs.

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DiscoSkate run monthly, family Roller Discos with skate and wrist guard hire all included in the entrance price!

Simply click on a location for dates and event information.

If you are interested in Skate Parties*, Skate Hire or Skate Repairs please get in touch via the contact form.

* subject to limited availability. We recommend as much notice as possible on party bookings as we do get booked up quickly.

Roller Skating Fitness Facts

Apart from being fantastic fun, roller skating is great for core fitness and wellbeing.

  • Roller skating uses both side of the brain.

  • Burns up over 600 calories per hour.

  • Works on most muscle groups.

  • Builds strength and muscle endurance.

  • 50% less wear and tear on the joints than running.

  • Ideal for children with special needs.

  • Can be competitive or non-competitive / just for fun with a variety of games.